MIME 2nd Meeting of the Stakeholder Forum

Welcome coffee
François Grin, MIME Coordinator
Goals of the Stakeholder Forum Meeting and brief introduction to MIME
Marija Omazić, chair
“Speed” presentations of the MIME work packages (7 min each)
MIME leaders of WP1-6
Lunch buffet and networking
Multilingualism: challenges for educational systems
João Costa, Secretary of State of Education, Ministry of Education of Portugal
Multilingualism, mobility, education and learning. Towards a sustainable approach.
Piet van de Craen, European Language Council
FIPLV perspective on the continuity and cohesion of multilingual education
Terry Lamb, Secretary general, International Federation of Language Teacher Associations (FIPLV) (TBC)
Short stakeholder presentations
Further participating stakeholders, about 1 min each
Round table discussion
"Bringing together practice and research to confront the multilingual challenge"
Manuel Célio Conceição (Moderator)
Wrap-up and conclusions
Tom Moring
Closing remarks
François Grin
Consortium Dinner
The FP7 project MIME places high value on outreach and stakeholder involvement at all stages of project implementation, based on the premise that managing multilingualism in Europe of necessity involves the participation of a wider range of actors from both research and practice. Guided by this rationale, MIME organizes annual meetings between the Stakeholder Forum and the MIME Consortium to facilitate a discussion of a variety of issues concerning multilingualism, enable direct exchange and close interaction to generate partnership opportunities, especially among public and private sector stakeholders, academia and civil society, as well as to provide a backdrop for policy-makers. The second Stakeholder Forum Meeting in Faro will offer plenty of opportunities for both formal and informal exchange between stakeholders and the MIME team.
Participation in the Stakeholder Forum Meeting will provide stakeholders with the opportunity for direct dialogue with researchers and offer them first hand access to cutting edge research results, which may in turn help stakeholders shape and steer their future actions and practical operations in line with the newest developments in the field. Conversely, the Stakeholder Forum Meeting will provide the opportunity for the MIME research team to acknowledge stakeholders’ insights, needs and experience, and to incorporate their immediate feedback and unique practical take on research needs, project findings and their relevance, all of which will aid the project research teams in enhancing their research design, defining relevant research questions, making more practically relevant interpretations of research results and giving both research and practice-based recommendations for future developments.